The Terms

The Terms & Conditions:

  1. Membership is totally free.
  2. The validity of membership is lifetime free provided the membership should be active.
  3. The membership will be deactivated if the members don’t purchase at least once in 6 months.
  4. The first registered 10,000 members only will get 20% discount on purchases for ever!
  5. Those registered after that will get 10% discount on purchases.
  6. Discount applicable for YM brand products only.
  7. To become a member, the interested person please follow the registration procedure given below.
  8. Please make a first purchase.
  9. Payment for materials shall be done by Cash on delivery or by NEFT or by Cheque.
  • NEFT shall be done as per the bank details.
  • Bank details shall be provided on request through whatsapp or email or SMS.
  • Cheque in favour of Yogita Enterprises, till the name of the firm changes into a private limited company.
  • When you make NEFT payment, please inform the company through email with the payment details.
  • If you make a cheque payment, the materials kit will be delivered only after the cheque being credited to our bank account.

Whenever there is any change in constitution of the company (Name change takes place), the same shall be intimated to the members.

There will not be any change in membership number or the benefits. Everything will continue as per the earlier terms except the change in the name and constitution from proprietary to corporate. 

Special Benefits:
  1. If the members place their 1st order value for Rs.1,500/-, the Company will give masala kit worth Rs.2,000/- as per the member’s choice. Only for first time registering members initial purchase & one time offer.
  2. The members can select the masalas out of the list uploaded on our website.
  3. Discount applicable only on YM brand products and not for other branded products.
  4. Members has to utilise the scheme as stipulated in the mentioned offer.
  1. The company has the ethics to its consumers about the quality of its products.
  2. The company strongly believe that, all human beings require good quality products, especially food products that directly relate to health and we will honour the trust.
  3. The company will never compromise in quality.
  4. The company will retain the quality of our food products as much as possible.
  5. The company assures 99% purity and quality.
  6. The ratios or percentages of raw materials used in our processed food products will be the same for ever.
  7. A very minute change of 1% variation in quality may be expected due to seasonal changes and regional changes affected in the raw materials sourced from various parts of the country, that directly affects slight variation in the finished products.
  8. We will try to maintain the quality always constant.
  9. The company will keep on trying to upgrade or improve the quality standards.
Storage of Product:
  1. We do not add preservatives in order to store our products for longer period.
  2. Preservatives, food colours, tasting chemicals, etc. are harmful to health that can lead to dangerous diseases.
  3. We process products on statistic based on number of members we have, and the order we get on daily basis.
  4. Packing of products shall be improved only when our business establish.
  5. It is the most important to transfer the products immediately in an air tight container.
  6. Please do not keep more than one product in one container.
  7. It will mix up the flavour and there might be change of flavour in masalas if kept together.
  8. Use our products within the specified date from the date of manufacturing.
  9. It is possible to store more than a year, if kept in refrigerator in an air tight container. But ideally it must be used within 6 months if kept in fridge.
Registration Procedure:
  1. Those wish to become a member, please download the membership application form from our website under the menu “Amazing Offers”Registration Form
  2. Fill up, sign, scan it and send it to our email id cc to
  3. Please attach your NEFT payment details in order to correlate.
  4. Or, you can call office or ask for a membership application form our representative attend you.
  5. This can be done at the time you pay cash for the initial purchase order and delivery against that. You can submit the filled up application form to our representative.
  6. Receipt of completely filled and signed application for membership will be intimated by email.
  1. Members shall be given membership number immediately after the first purchase and becoming a member. They can use the number for purchases until they get the welcome letter and membership card.
  2. Membership cards along with a welcome letter and terms and conditions shall be issued in a month after the receipt of application from the member.
  3. The membership cards has to be produced while visiting and purchase at outlets.
  4. The membership cards has to be produced at the time of home delivery in order to swipe or record the number and also to make sure that the benefits are availed by the true member.
  5. Members has to produce or show the membership card on each purchase whether at outlet or at home for recording sales at the members account in order to assess the annual credibility for allotment of gifts.
  6. Whenever there is new products are added, the same shall be uploaded on our website. Members are requested to visit our website or contact office for details.
Home Delivery: **
For Members:
  1. Members will get free home delivery subject to order value minimum MRP rupees 1,000/-.
  2. The First Registered 10,000 Members are allowed 20% discount on purchases. For example: If their order value is for Rs.1,000/- they will have to pay Rs.800/- only, after 20% discount.
  3. Members registered after that will get 10% discount on purchases. For example: If their order value is for Rs.1,000/- they will have to pay Rs.900/- only, after 10% discount.
  4. Delivery charges of Rs.40/- will be charged if order value is less than MRP 1,000/-
  5. We will deliver orders less than Rs.1,000/- subject to delivery charges to be paid.
  6. This term is not applicable for members purchasing directly from outlet once established.
  7. On purchase order value minimum MRP Rs.1,000/-,  the first registered 10,000 members are saving Rs.240/- i.e. Rs.200/-discount + Rs.40/- delivery charges.
  8. Other members registered after first 10,000 members can save Rs.140/- (Rs.100/- discount + Rs.40/- delivery charges).
  9. We will provide free carry bag for purchase orders not less than Rs.1,500/-
For non-members:
  1. Free home delivery shall be given for each order value not less than rupees 1,000/-
  2. Delivery charges of Rs.40/- will be charged if the order value is less than Rs.1,000/-
  3. Discount not allowed.
  4. We will deliver orders less than Rs.1,000/- provided delivery charges to be paid.
  5. We will provide free carry bag for purchase orders not less than Rs.1,500/-

** Delivery charges are based on increase in cost of fuel and man hour with respect to cost and margin.

Surprise Gifts / Prizes:
  1. Surprise gifts/prizes are announced once in a year through lucky winning membership numbers pickup done by computer pickup.
  2. Prizes / Gifts / Awards are announced at the website every year for the particular accounting period.
  3. Members are categorised and the prizes are distributed accordingly to the lucky winners.
  4. Member’s card numbers are picked up through computer lucky winning pick up using unbiased and using authorised sites.
  5. Winning members shall be announced at the website, intimated and distributed the prizes to the members.
  6. Minimum 100 members out of 1 (one) lac members shall be awarded prizes every year.
  7. This will be conducted only when the company gets 1 lac registered members.
  8. Premium members may be consulted or taken opinion for suggestion of finalising the first 5 prizes for every financial year.
  9. Prizes are categorised in to three groups of members.
  1. Premium: Members annual purchases 50,000 rupees or more.
  2. Classic: Members annual purchases between Rs.30,000 and 50,000 rupees.
  3. Regular: Members annual purchases between Rs.15,000 and Rs.30,000.

Non active members for a period of six months are not eligible for this surprise awards.

  1. All rights are reserved to the company.
  2. Prices shall be revised, only if the man, machine & materials cost increase with respect to the rise in inflation and cost of living. That is increase in raw material cost, maintenance, administration and labour cost.
  3. Prices are subject to change without prior intimation.
  4. Selection of prizes / gifts are vested at the sole discretion of the company.
  5. Terms and conditions are amendable only when it is required at the sole discretion of the company without any prior intimation.
  6. The amended terms and conditions shall be uploaded at the website from time to time.