The Scheme

Our planning is to set up own Spices & Food Products outlets (Mini Spice Super Markets) in those areas from where 3000 members are subscribed.

Planning to set up more outlets as per the minimum required members and demand.  This will ease quick service to members in the area.

Any normal middle class family monthly spends minimum 2000 rupees average on masalas, pickles, pappad/fried items, pulses, tea/coffee, snacks, chips, Dry Fruits, etc.

 That is, they may spend Rs.24,000, say Rs.25,000/- per year. Members will get 20% discount, that is they are saving minimum Rs.5,000/- per year. Effectively members get 25% benefits.

 Members are saving minimum Rs.5000/- every year on spices and food products without any investment simply by subscribing membership with an initial payment of Rs.1500/- that will be returned with 33.35% Profit on materials.

 The scheme is to gather minimum 3,000 members at each location and set up a mini spice super market outlet in and around 2 km radius and provide them the best quality, pure, hygienic, unadulterated food products without adding food colours, food preservatives and food tasting chemicals.

The company get 30% profit. We don’t have any mediators in our business to share the profit margin. So, out of the 30% profit, we pass on 20% profit to our members and 5% by way of other benefits. The company retains 5% profit.

 The subscribed and registered members will get attractive benefits.


Inviting interested public to join as members.

First purchase of materials    : Rupees 1,500/-

Membership fees                        : NIL (Free)

Period of Membership             : Lifetime membership

Amazing Benefits: 

Subscribe membership by initial first purchase of materials by paying Rs.1,500/-

The company will return the members masalas worth Rs.2,000/-.

The members can buy masala worth Rs.2,000/- immediately after the payment of Rs.1,500/- out of the list displayed at our website or shared on request.

Or the members have the option to place order in two months period. The Company will give masala on order up to Rs.2,000/-.

There after the company gives the members lifelong 20% discounts on their purchases and much more attractive benefits.

The principle is that with the member’s initial subscription money, the company can generate 100% satisfied members and expand customer base. Thereafter the company will get revenue from the member’s business as well as from other consumers for a long term from their purchases.

Annual surprise gifts / prizes are offered to the members as compliments with respect to the member’s credibility.