The Quality

The Quality Assurance:

The Company will stick to the quality policy and business ethics.

The company has the ethics to its members and other consumers about the quality of its products. The company strongly believe that, all human beings require good quality products. The company will never compromise in quality. We will retain the quality of our food products as much as possible. The company assures 99% purity and quality. The ratios or percentages of raw materials used in our processed food products will be the same for ever. A very minute change of 1% variation in quality may be expected due to seasonal changes and regional changes affected in the raw materials sourced from various parts of the country, that directly affects slight variation in the finished products. We will try to maintain the quality always constant. The company will keep on trying to upgrade or improve the quality standards.

A wide mass of public demand the best quality and tasty food products, without any adulteration, tasting chemicals, food colours, preservatives, etc.

We use good quality raw materials only in our products. Many types of raw materials are available. We use 1st grade quality and on rare occasions we have to use 2nd grade quality due to unavailability of 1st grade raw materials due to seasonal and regional changes and also due to cultivation affects. We never use 3rd and 4th grade raw materials. We are committed to our members and consumers, what we promise. The prices are kept on the basis of 1st grade quality raw materials and hygienic processing.  

We assure our members and customers that we will retain the quality of our products always at 99% constant, because that is our policy. We believe people definitely require quality products especially food products since that is directly related to health and life.