The benefits

Benefits description:

1st – Members will get back their 100% invested subscription amount + 33.35% profit by way of materials on initial payment of Rs.1,500/-, immediately  as per their choice. That is, the members will get Rs.2,000/- MRP worth YM branded products immediately on payment out of the list of masalas provided.

That is 133.35% recovery of the subscription amount in the first month itself or in 2 months. 

(1500 + 500 = 2000/-. That is 100% + 33.35% ROI)  

2nd – Members can avail lifelong benefit of 20% discount on masalas as soon as they utilise their 133.35% materials (Rs.2000/-). The effective benefit on purchases are 25%, that is 20% discount + 5% GST on discount = 25% for ever as long as the member continues and remain active.

Example: Purchase of Rs.20,000. The GST to pay is Rs.1000. Discount given Rs.4,000. Balance to pay Rs.16,000 inclusive of GST. Member saves Rs.200 GST on discount, that is 5% on Rs.4000.  Discount applicable only on YM brand and not for other branded products.

 3rd – Members can avail attractive surprise gifts once in every year through lucky winning membership number pickups.

4th – Active and eligible members are given surprise gifts.

Prizes are categorised in to three groups of members.

  1. Premium  : Members annual purchases 50,000 rupees or more.
  2. Classic       : Members annual purchases between Rs.30,000 and 50,000 rupees.
  3. Regular     : Members annual purchases between Rs.15,000 and Rs.30,000.

Non active members for a period of six months are not eligible for the awards.

Surprise gifts/prizes are announced once in a year through lucky winning membership numbers pickup done by computer pickup. 100 winning members are awarded with surprise gifts every year. Prizes are announced in the month of June for every accounting year. The same shall be uploaded at the website for the reference of members.

 Accounting or Financial year: 1st April to 31st March (12 months)

No carry forward benefits are allowed after three months of subscription.

The Documents:

Members shall be issued a card which shall be produced when visiting the outlets or on demand. This is to avoid illegal and unauthorised people to misuse the benefits.

A formal welcome letter shall be issued for the subscription, registration of membership, terms and conditions.