Our Speciality

What is our speciality?  

  • High quality.
  • Pure and hygienic.
  • The real taste.
  • No food colours.
  • No Tasting chemicals.
  • No Preservatives.
  • Homemade type of processing.
  • Plenty of choice.
  • Human’s daily essential products, useful from morning to night.
  • Customer the best principle.
  • Customer first & customer friendly service.
  • Always fresh products are supplied. **
  • All the ingredients mentioned are sincerely added as per the required proportion.
  • Anyone can cook tasty food with the help of yummy masala, using its uploaded recipes in English & Hindi at our website.

 ** We do not add food preservatives and hence we cannot stock processed food products for years together. Our masalas can store up to 4 months if in an air tight container, from the date of manufacturing due to non-addition of chemicals and preservatives. Some of the products are less than 4 months usage period. Consumers are requested to check the use within date. The food products are produced as per the demand and order statistic basis and hence our products are supplied always from fresh stock.

Real, Pure & Hygienic are our products.

Our Procedure:

  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Sorting
  • Removal of stones, other substances & wastes
  • Cleaning
  • Some of the raw materials we will wash
  • Drying & storing
  • Issuing from stores for production.

Hygienic processing:

Production area always keep clean. Production staffs has to wear:

  • Face mask
  • Head cap
  • Hand glows
  • Apron
  • Work area shoes.