About us

About The Promoter:

Promoter is Sighidwajan. The promoter has 32 years’ service experience in Mumbai in various fields.

Done inter CA, MBA, Digital marketing, few certification and other courses.

Career started with CA article clerk and raised to the position of CEO of a medium level corporate company and one of the Director of a private limited company.

Partnered with his brother Mr.Sudharsanan started the business of spices in March 1998 and the commercial production and supply started in October 1998. Cooking is an art and preparing tasty foods is inherited from his mother by helping his mother (who was a well-known cook in those days) since childhood.

An expert in cooking. Passion of dealing in Indian Spices. Experience in masala blending and processing since 1998 (20+ years). Developed several masalas. Keen interest in doing food industry R & D to make available highly nutritious, hygienic and healthy foods to mankind.

We are welcoming and accepting other countries food products like Chinese foods, McDonald’s, KFC, Dominos, etc. The hidden dangerous facts most of our poor people doesn’t know. Here I want to promote our Indian precious spices and food products not only in PAN India but also to other countries.

He always believed that quality materials has good demand and everybody like quality products especially food products. A large segment of people requires good quality food products irrespective of price, because people are health conscious. “Health is wealth” Food products has got a prominent role in that. Policy is that “Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good”. He is totally against manipulation and adulteration. He never deviated from his policy of the best quality products and services.

The Vision:
Vision is to see smile on human faces. “Healthy Food is the secret of healthy Family”. “Healthy family creates a healthy society and healthy society creates a healthy nation and healthy nation leads civilisation and development”.

 Provide best quality products and services to mankind. People all over the world requires good quality products and I believe and respect value for money.

 “Health is wealth”. Provide the best possible quality, nutritious, hygienic, and unadulterated, without adding chemicals, the tasty and healthy food products to mankind.

 Establish the traditional well known Indian spices back again in the global market by promoting Indian spices and food products.


Our policy is to reach directly to consumers and share the benefits to them. Make maximum possible members.

 We don’t have mediators in our business, so that the profit margins are not shared among them. The benefits are passed on to the members.

A small team of unemployed gents and ladies with great expertise in the field of food industries without getting any Government financial helps decided to work together under a highly experienced person having more than 20 years knowledge in food industry and business.  

 In any area we get 3000 members, we will set up a mini spices and food products super market in order to reach and service our members better and faster.

Yummy, The Appetising Food products.  Healthy food, healthy family.